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Bauhaus Bathrooms, Furniture & Accessories - Available at Bathrooms at Source

Bauhaus Bathrooms, Furniture & Accessories

If you’re looking for a vast improvement to your bathroom based around innovative processes and the freshest, most cutting edge design schemes, you could do no better than Bauhaus.

As a brand, Bauhaus bathroom products is focused around the highest levels of design quality - featuring products crafted from vitreous clay and fine fireclay - and integrating these beautiful designs with top notch technology. A bathroom created by Bauhaus can incorporate LED lighting systems, demisting mirrors (which also include digital clocks), wireless Bluetooth speakers, and much more, and do so while also looking incredible in the process.

Bauhaus bathroom products also have many ranges, including Zion, Svelte, Pier, Celeste, Glide 2, Essence, Elite, Design, Solo, Central, Wild, Stream 2, Wisp, Support Frames & Cisterns, Concealed Cisterns, Decorative Flush Plates, Mirrors & Cabinets, WC Seats, Countertop Basins, Wall Mounted, Undermounted, Inset, Semi Inset, Traps & Wastes and Heated Towel Rails.

If this is what you’re looking for in a bathroom, then come to us at Bathrooms At Source; Bauhaus is a brand we provide on a regular basis.

Why come to Bathrooms At Source?

Our entire idiom is based around our nearly twenty years of experience in the Bathroom trade alongside dedicated, hardworking and caring staff, all of whom are experts in their own field. We don’t simply provide you with a bathroom; we can analyse your needs as a customer, give you advice on every aspect of Bathroom design, give you a full installation, and more.

Moreover, because our firm is family run and owned, we never compromise on quality or customer service. In fact, they are our highest priorities. The quality of service we provide is paramount to our clients’ wellbeing, something highly important to us as a company. And we always place our customers first - essentially, whatever advice or help you need with your new Bauhaus bathroom, we can provide.

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