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Bette Baths, Shower Trays & Washbasins - Available at Bathrooms at Source

Bette Baths, Shower Trays & Washbasins

As a brand, Bette may be a good choice for your bathroom if you are looking for a combination of precision design and craftsmanship with flowing shapes and a huge number of differing colours and dimensions.

They have always been focused on innovations in design. Through combining flexible formats with a wide range of models, along with extremely high design standards and excellent craftsmanship, their brand provides some interesting ideas and options for bathrooms all round.

They also provide a wide number of different product ranges, including Bette Comodo, Bette Classic, Bette Duet, Bette Form, Bette Super Form, Bette Labette, Bette Ocean, Bette Select, Bette Set, Bette Starlet, Bette One, Bette Oval Silhouette, Bette Roma, Bette One Relax, Bette Floor, Bette Floor Side, Bette Trays 3.5, Bette Trays 2.5, Bette Feet, Bette Accessories, Shower, and Tap.

So why come to Bathrooms at Source for Bette Baths?

As a company, we are focused upon giving a truly quality service to all our clients based on our approach to the Bathroom industry. As our business is family owned and run, we have always been aware of the importance both of expertise at various skills related to the Bathroom trade and also of really being dedicated to helping our customers with their bathrooms.

Because of our nearly twenty years of experience in the bathroom industry, we are able to offer that level of expertise needed to really make your bathroom special. We can provide you with almost any level of support, from a full installation, to advice on any aspect of bathroom design, to a thorough evaluation of your needs for your bathroom in general.

Finally, we offer some of the most competitive prices available, including a price match promise option, so you’ll never pay too much with us. We’ll find you the best deals for the brand you choose.

So come to us at Bathrooms At Source - and we’ll find, design and install the best bathroom for you.

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