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Crosswater Taps - Available at Bathrooms at Source

Crosswater Taps

If you’re looking for a new bathroom or bathroom products with excellent materials, a highly functional approach and near perfect design, Crosswater taps may be the right brand for your home.

Their design standards are superb, based around highly advanced design techniques and the latest technology, from air infused shower heads to cool touch valves and coordinating thermostatic valves.

When it comes to design, Crosswater taps are always ahead of the curve, using a mixture of different styles and possible functions to suit whatever design idiom is best suited to a particular house, however old or new the property.

They also offer a large number of ranges, including Crosswater Wastes, Shower Valves, Crosswater Digital, Crosswater Mini Mixers, Crosswater Gallery, Crosswater Atoll, Crosswater Glide, Crosswater Tropic, Crosswater Sparkle, Crosswater Glitter, Belgravia Crosshead Chrome, Crosswater Belgravia Nickel, Belgravia Lever Chrome, Crosswater Central, Crosswater Design, Crosswater Edge, Crosswater Elite, Crosswater Essence, Crosswater Kai Lever, Crosswater KH Zero 1 Kelly Hoppen, Crosswater KH Zero 2 Kelly Hoppen, Crosswater KH Zero 3 Kelly Hoppen, Crosswater KH Zero 5 Kelly Hoppen, Crosswater KH Zero 6 Kelly Hoppen, Crosswater Love Me, Crosswater Mike Pro Chrome, Crosswater Mike Pro Stainless Steel, Crosswater Modest, Crosswater Pier, Crosswater Silk, Crosswater Slip, Crosswater Solo, Crosswater Svelte, Crosswater Totti, Crosswater Voyager, Crosswater Waldorf Crosshead, Crosswater Waldorf Black Lever, Crosswater Waldorf Chrome Lever, Crosswater Waldorf White Lever, Crosswater Water Square, Crosswater Dune, Crosswater Wedge, Crosswater Wisp, Heads Arms Headsets Etc and Crosswater Accessories.

Why come to Bathrooms at Source for Crosswater Taps?

As a company, we’ve always been focused on providing competitive prices, excellent customer service and superb customer support. Having worked in the bathroom trade for nearly twenty years, we’ve had plenty of time to hone our craft and skills to be able to provide the best service possible to every one of our customers; this level of experience we have is crucial to our continuing success with all our clients.

Furthermore, our staff are friendly and helpful to the highest level; additionally, their expertise on all aspects of the bathroom trade is second to none, from advice on bathroom design to full evaluations, getting a quote or providing a full installation. Whichever of the above you need, we can provide with dedication and care.

Finally, because we are a family owned and run business, we’ve always had a sense of community about ourselves and this extends to all of our clientele. You’ll never get anything but the best from us; ensuring all our customers are fully satisfied at the end of a transaction or after we have provided them with a service is what we live for.

So come to us for your Crosswater taps - just see our website if you require any further info or details.

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