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GSI Bathrooms - Available at Bathrooms at Source

GSI Bathrooms

Why choose GSI for your bathroom or bathroom products?

GSI is an Italian company who offer five different ranges of bespoke furniture and sanitary ware, all focused on extremely high quality ceramics with a great level of aesthetic beauty.

This is what makes the brand stand out: the quality of their ceramics. This is what they pride themselves on and which gives them their unique style.

They also offer a collection of handleless storage solutions, all available in contemporary neutral colours that have been designed with a quality finish.

GSI also offer several different ranges, including:

GSI Classic, GSI Kube, GSI Norm, GSI Pura, GSI Sand

So if you are looking for exceptional quality ceramics for bathroom products, GSI is an excellent option.

So why come to Bathrooms At Source for GSI Bathrooms?

As a company, we truly believe in the difference a beautiful bathroom can make to one’s home. For this reason, we place quality of customer service first at all times in our dealings with all of our clients and customers.

Every member of our staff is dedicated to different aspects of the company; all of us are equally invested in the welfare of our customers. Whether you need advice on design, assistance with anything related to your new bathroom or bathroom products, or for us to install and design your bathroom for you, we are here to help.

Due to our twenty years of experience in the bathroom trade, we have been able to hone our skills to a fine point of excellence; there is no aspect of bathroom design we are not intimately familiar with.

Finally, we are highly versatile in our skills. We don’t leave things to chance or to outside sources; we are a family run and owned business, and we believe this is what has enabled us to develop such a high level of consistent quality when it comes to customer service.

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