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Saneux Bathrooms - Available at Bathrooms at Source

Saneux Bathrooms

If you are looking for a new bathroom or bathroom products which are exceptionally luxurious, relaxing in appearance, texture and feel, then Saneux bathroom products may be the best brand for you.

As a brand, their focus is on innovation, quality and design; crafting bathroom products of superb vitreous and ceramic china, using innovative processes as part of their central idiom to stay ahead of the curve and keep pushing forward, and designing interesting and stylistically versatile bathrooms using those same qualitatively excellent processes and materials.

They naturally offer a wide variety of ranges to fulfil differing needs, including Flush Plates, Uni, Icon, Matteo, Podium, Prague, Iline, Austen, Indigo, Poppy, Quadro, Project, YLO, Flushe Flushing Systems, Tooga, Mercury, Nicholson, Belle, Pascale, Cos, Tempus, Easy O, Inside, Ice Mirrored Cabinets and Aqua Maison Baths.

Why come to Bathrooms at Source?

To begin with, our focus is always on providing the best quality of customer service available to all our customers; and as a family run and owned business, all our staff are experts in their own fields, at every aspect of the Bathroom trade. Whether you need a full evaluation of your current bathroom prior to improvement, advice on any level for bathroom products, what kind of designs are best suited to your house, and so on; or a full installation done entirely by our staff at highly affordable prices, we can do it with expertise.

Moreover, because we’ve been working in the bathroom trade for nearly twenty years, we feel we have been able to hone and refine our skills to best aid all of our clients and customers in obtaining the best bathroom products and bathrooms available at truly competitive prices.

Our staff are renowned amongst our customers for their friendliness and generally helpful natures; this, we feel, is essential to the wellbeing of all our clientele.

So if you need Saneux bathroom products for your new bathroom with the best levels of support and expertise available at excellent prices, come to us.

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