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Simpsons Showers & Shower Doors - Available at Bathrooms at Source

Simpsons Showers & Shower Doors

Why choose Simpsons as a brand for your bathroom?

Quite simply, if you are looking for the finest showers available, Simpsons is the brand to go for; it has been their idiom for over 20 years and they are renowned for their superiority in this particular aspect of bathrooms.

Simpsons are a perfect choice if you want a shower that looks beautiful in a natural manner, but is fully up to date with the latest technological advancements; they combine clear glass and ultra lowlevel trays with frameless screens to create the finest showers available.

A combination of sophistication with functionality and flexibility in shower design is what makes Simpsons stand out as a brand; this, and the huge advantage any customer of the brand has in that all their products are supported by a lifetime guarantee, along with other perks like coloured glass finishes, plus certain ranges include a bespoke service. Within this, they have many ranges, including Elite, Ten, Design, Edge, Click, Classic, Supreme, Baths Screens, 30MM plus + Ton Ceramic Trays, 25MM Stone Resin Trays With Linea Wastes, 25MM Stone Resin Trays With Grated Wastes, 45MM Stone Resin Trays and 35MM Acrylic Trays.

So why come to Bathrooms At Source for Simpsons Showers?

As a company, we are focused on combining top quality customer service with real expertise in all aspects of Bathroom design and the Bathroom trade, from advice on different design choices to installation to an analysis of your needs specific to your house; after all, a good bathroom needs to fit in with the rest of the environment.

Because we have been in the Bathroom trade for almost twenty years, we also have a great deal of experience in this field. With our company, you won’t be dealing with anyone who’s unaware of the industry or in any way naive; we know this trade inside and out and are well poised to give you the best advice and support money can buy.

Finally, we are a family run and owned business and we feel this gives us a real understanding of what good customer service means; it isn’t merely talking to your clients, it’s getting to know them and knowing they will come back to you time and again because they trust you as a business. That’s how we operate.

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