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St James Bathrooms, Taps, Showers & Suites - Available at Bathrooms at Source

St James Bathrooms

As a brand, if you are looking for traditional, top quality bathroom products and bathrooms handmade and engineered with great precision using the finest porcelain and solid brass, you could do no better than St James.

Taking their main inspiration from the Victorian era, St James focus their energy on attention to detail and hand finished bathroom products such as taps, showers and accessories. The brassware they use, manufactured by their own company, is truly of the finest quality.

They offer a wide number of ranges, including Mirrors, St James Shower Valves, St James Kitchen Taps, St James Towel Rails, Basin Taps & Mixers, Showering, Flow Valves, Bath Taps & Mixers and St James Accessories.

Because they go so far as to inspect and test each product individually in order to maintain a truly excellent standard of quality throughout, St James are truly the brand to go for if you are looking for a Victorian style bathroom.

So why come to us at Bathrooms At Source for St James Bathrooms?

We never compromise on the quality of service we offer to all our clients and customers - making sure they are satisfied and happy is what makes us happy. With our nearly twenty years of experience in the industry, you know what you’re getting with us: a dedication to hard work, excellent service and extremely competitive prices.

Most importantly, because we are a family run and owned business, we know what it means to really have a dedication to the welfare of others. We can provide you with anything from a full installation to merely some advice on bathrooms - at whatever level you need - to a full evaluation of your needs as a client prior to installation.

So come to us for your St James Bathrooms - you won’t regret your decision.

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